Drop the menopausal weight for good

Drop the menopausal weight for good

Has menopause caused you to put an unwanted “pause” on living your life to the fullest, due to all the extra weight?

With the stubborn weight that just won’t come off no matter how hard you try…

And feeling like crap in your body every day… with new pain creeping up every time you turn around.

You are completely fed up and exhausted because you struggle to manage your eating habits, as you’re unable to control those food urges.  

Even though all that’s within you deeply desires to look in the mirror again and actually recognize the woman looking back at you. 

It’s time for a transformation.

Hey there, I’m Lorri-Lynn – 

I help midlife women gracefully drop the menopausal weight and then get back to the weight they were before having kids.

Age 40, 140 pounds

Throughout my life, my health was always on the top of my priority list.

Then after settling into my weight after having kids, I found myself 45 pounds heavier and struggled with what I saw when I looked in the mirror. 

I tried everything to combat it and lost a large portion of that weight with extreme methods that were not sustainable or fun. So naturally, I hit a plateau at about 20 pounds overweight from my pre-kids body at 140 pounds. 

Then menopause hit, and I was convinced I would never be the weight I wanted again.

Suddenly, I was now 35 pounds overweight and suffering from all kinds of physical pain because of it – back, hips, knees, and feet, just to name a few. 

To make things even more fun, along with the physical pain, I was crippled with anxiety and struggled with persistent hot flashes day after day.

Something had to change. 

Age 32 , 165 pounds

Age 50, 155 pounds

That’s when I discovered the power of coaching and uncovered how I was actually the one blocking myself from losing the weight I wanted.

All I had to do was change my thought patterns and begin making choices for my life that aligned with how I actually wanted to live. 

That’s when all my menopausal weight dropped.

Then even the weight I couldn’t lose after having kids melted away, too. 

Age 25, 120 pounds

Today, 120 pounds

Now, I’m more vibrant than I was before, pain-free, and ready to share this process with every woman in midlife who has struggled like I did.  

Because I know, if I could do it, so can you. 

You just need to follow the Menopausal Weight Drop Process, and you’ll soon find yourself in the body you were before menopause rudely put a “pause” on your life. 

This way, you can live the next half of your life transformed from where you are today – with every unwanted pound gone, living pain-free and vibrant, too!

You are 3 steps away from Dropping the Menopausal Weight for Good.

Step 1:

Schedule your free “Drop the Menopausal Weight Breakthrough Call” with me today by finding a time that works for you on my calendar.

Step 2:

Join our call to discuss your weight loss journey and learn the 7-Step Proven Process for dropping the menopausal weight for good.

Step 3:

Implement what you learn in this call, lose the menopausal weight you want and then get back to the weight you were before having kids.

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